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I lie here
Mirror cradled in my two hands
I hate you
It smirks and leers back at my tears
Not good enough
Words slice me like knives
Infection spreading to my lungs
I can't breathe
Skin so thin the light shines through
Bruised eyes from the dawn
When I sleep I don't rest
When I rest I don't renew
My gut twists and screams
But I won't feed it
My body on fire
I won't douse the flames
I wear my self-hatred like a sheen of sweat
It always lives in me
But occasionally rises to the surface
The stench of it unmistakable
No number of bathings
Can cleanse me
Rip out my tongue
Toss it in a back alley dumpster
No one wants to hear the poison it drips
Or the ideas expressed
This mind may as well be carved
And served
Examined, picked at, and discarded
Either the mind is valued separate from the person
Or the person separate from the mind
On rare occasion
Both might be accepted
Only to have duality of soul
Denied and cast out
My emotions are not enough to feed me
Nor kill me
Do you see the bitterness behind passion
When a smile graces my face?
Do you see decades of layered scars
That dim my life?
I want to be accepted
But cannot accept myself.
Ever feel out of place?
My moods are like a roller coaster
up and down, up and down
sometimes faster, sometimes slower
'round that corner a new thrill awaits

My moods are like a roller coaster
exciting at times
but so nauseating others
many times I want off this ride

My moods are like a roller coaster
unpredictable to the passengers
the onlookers not feeling the thrill
and everyone tired at the end of the day

My moods are like a roller coaster
that some days I am grateful to experience
and others I curse
and no one wants to ride with me

My moods are like a roller coaster
twisting and turning
on a path I did not set
but must follow regardless
Bipolar Disorder
A poem about my condition and companion.
I could spend a few forevers here in my bed, living different lives, different traumas, different truths.

I don't sleep, I create and pretend that I am somewhere else but here.

Twisting and turning in the covers, my body is the battleground on which the wars of my mind are fought.

Complete denial of reality, responsibility, I am stuck in a world I cannot explain and no longer try to - I am tired of their condescending, unbelieving eyes.

I live half my life in a "fantasy" world where I weave my secret storylines, play them out with my body as one of the puppets, then abandon them there to wither and die.

I imagine a hundred thousand million hurts and assaults and travesties to escape the ones I've lived and continue to live.

Replace reality with fiction because fiction is easier to deal with, to dismiss - "it's not real".

It does not surprise me now that my first memories of my lived trauma came to me as nightmares that I could try to rationalise and pick apart before tossing in the synaptic trash.

Why could not the trash man have come and taken away the refuse before the greedy little scavenger hiding between my neurons found that discarded nightmare and then wore it as a cape.

And feeling it had something powerful, proceeded to prance and scamper and flaunt it in and around me until, with growing horror, I made connections between it and my scattered memories.

My memories have since knit themselves together again, creating a full technicolour experience – but this one comes with physical sensations too.

So when it takes a few seconds too long to loose my winter scarf from my neck and you see my eyes get a little bit glassier, a little bit bigger, my breath coming  a little bit faster…

Know it is not the first time I have felt choked.

Know that my hundred thousand million imaginings are preferable to a few seconds of my real memories.
A Hundred Thousand Million
The morning's musings of wasted hours in my anything-but-here reality.
I have been gone a long time from DA. Many people I had connected with have left DA, and the others have continued to grow and change (as humans are wont to do). As for myself, I am not certain I'm really back, or if I am briefly flirting with it again. The part that I've always appreciated about DA is that I can come and go from it as I need, want, please.

Despite my creative leanings, and the integral part creativity plays in my general well-being, I have been neglectful. And now I am newly reawakened to that fact as my mental health has declined, affecting those around me as well as myself. Even if this return is but a brief foray into the seductive world of this art community, I am feeling a certain amount of dedication to continuing my contributions, at least for a while.

I have one question, perhaps some of you may have suggestions for me. I expect that I shall pick up free-writing again, in a way that I have not previously published here. My question is how does it make most sense to publish these writings? I generally do free-writes with pen on paper, expressing myself through the physical act of writing. This means I could attempt to publish these writings as images, or I could attempt to type them up. The next question is one of location - Where do others feel it would be best to post such writings? My first inclination is to post them as Journals, though this would not allow the option (to my knowledge) of posting an image.
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Shinedown - No More Love
  • Reading: Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card
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